Organizing corporate events plays an important role in the development of each company. «Explore Kazakhstan» offers best service in Central Asia, which organizes “All inclusive” events for international and local companies.

«Explore Kazakhstan» provides a full package of services for business tourism: air tickets + visa support, organization of corporate events, transfers from the airport or railway stations, hotel reservations, team building, outbound tours.

In addition to standard packages, our company also organizes off-site events in the traditional Kazakh style. This is a rather unusual topic of a corporate event, which makes it so interesting. This event will instantly take employees to the past: they will see theatrical performances, rituals and folk dances and will have an opportunity to cook Kazakh cuisine.

The program includes:

  • Decor of the event in the Kazakh style: yurts, national round tables, swing “Alty Bakan”, national musical instruments;
  • Traditional Kazakh cuisine;
  • Horse riding, archery;
  • Competitions in national sports;
  • Organized in the national style, educational and entertaining programs;
  • Photo-shoot in national costumes and etc.

This event is not only spectacular, but also provides an opportunity to get in touch with the history of the Kazakh people, their customs and culture.

For any questions, you can send a message from website or message us directly to kazakhstanexplore@gmail.com.